Parts Drawing

Super8 150 Fuel Tank    

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  Diag Ref No Products Name Req No Price
  Add to Cart 1691A  Super8 150-STRAINER ASSY FUEL-1691A-LEJ2-M30    44.25 
  Add to Cart 16950  Super8 150-AUTO COCK ASSY FUEL-16950-LCA3-B50    58.75 
  Add to Cart 17500  Super8 150-"TANK COMP, FUEL"-17500-LHA2-M30    75.5 
  Add to Cart 17684  Super8 150-TUBE ASSY COCK-INLET PIPE-17684-LEJ2-E10    9.5 
  Add to Cart 37802  Super8 150-RET FUEL UNIT-37802-GGA7-701    4.75 
  Add to Cart 3780A  Super8 150-FUEL UNIT ASSY-3780A-LEJ2-M30    38.25 
  Add to Cart 95701  Super8 150-BOLT FLANGE 6*12-95701-06012-08    1.25