Parts Drawing

Super8 150 Air Cleaner    

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  Diag Ref No Products Name Req No Price
  Add to Cart 11209  Super8 150-STAY B RR FENDER-11209-LCD3-E00    7.25 
  Add to Cart 11211  Super8 150-TUBE BREATHER-11211-KHB4-C00    17 
  Add to Cart 17200  Super8 150-AIR/C ASSY-17200-LHA2-M30    63.25 
  Add to Cart 17239  Super8 150-TUBE AIR/C BLOW BY-17239-KHB4-C00   
  Add to Cart 1723A  Super8 150-CASE ASSY AIR/C **(0)-C.2005-04.26-1723A-LCD3-E00    49.5 
  Add to Cart 1723B  Super8 150-COVER ASSY AIR/C-1723B-LEJ3-E10    26.25 
  Add to Cart 1723C  Super8 150-ELEMENT ASS'Y AIR/C-1723C-KHB4-900    19.75 
  Add to Cart 17359  Super8 150-JOINT BREATHER TUBE-17359-4K19-C00   
  Add to Cart 17370  Super8 150-PLUG BREATHER TUBE**419-7010-17370-4K19-701    2.25 
  Add to Cart 17371  Super8 150-CLIP BREATHER TUBE-17371-1D74-C00    2.75 
  Add to Cart 90114  Super8 150-BOLT FLANGE SH 6*28**GM4-0110-90114-GDM4-011    0.75 
  Add to Cart 90652  Super8 150 BAND 49 AIR/C CONNECTING TUBE-90652-GFY6-C00    10.75 
  Add to Cart 94111  Super8 150-WASHER SPRING 6MM-94111-06800    0.75 
  Add to Cart 95002-02080  Super8 150-CLIP B8 TUBE-95002-02080    0.75 
  Add to Cart 95002-02130  Super8 150-CLIP B 12.5 TUBE-95002-02130    0.75 
  Add to Cart 95003  Super8 150-V TUBE 8*12*290-95003-23029-60    5.5 
  Add to Cart 96001  Super8 150-BOLT SPECIAL 5*10-96001-GFY6-C00    1.75