Parts Drawing

Super8 150 Front Winker    

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  Diag Ref No Products Name Req No Price
  Add to Cart 3340A  Super8 150-WINKER ASSY R FR-3340A-LEJ2-M30    37.75 
  Add to Cart 33410  Super8 150-WINKER COMP. R FR-33410-LEJ2-M30    10.5 
  Add to Cart 3345A  Super8 150-WINKER ASSY L FR-3345A-LEJ2-M30    37.75 
  Add to Cart 33460  Super8 150-WINKER COMP. L FR-33460-LEJ2-M30    11 
  Add to Cart 3360A  Super8 150-WINKER ASSY R RR-3360A-LEJ2-M30    39.5 
  Add to Cart 3365A  Super8 150-WINKER ASSY L RR-3365A-LEJ2-M30    39.5 
  Add to Cart 93903  Super8 150-BOLT FLANGE -93903-34380    1.75 
  Add to Cart 94050-05080  Super8 150-NUT FLANGE 5MM-94050-05080    0.75 
  Add to Cart 94050-06080  Super8 150-NUT FLANGE 6MM-94050-06080    1.25