Parts Drawing

Super 8 150 Frame Body    

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  Diag Ref No Products Name Req No Price
  Add to Cart 11345  Super8 150-DUCTL COVER-11345-LEJ3-E10    21.75 
  Add to Cart 11346  Super8 150-BAND L COVER DUCT -11346-KEBE-C00    12.25 
  Add to Cart 50100  Super8 150-BODY COMP FRAME-50100-LHA2-M30    220 
  Add to Cart 50301  Super8 150-RACE UPPER STRG BALL-50301-KGN7-C00    15 
  Add to Cart 50302  Super8 150-RACE(STRG BOT) BALL-50302-2H68-C00    13.75 
  Add to Cart 50350  Super8 150-ENG HANGER ASSY-50350-LEJ3-E10    55 
  Add to Cart 50613  Super8 150-COVER UNDER-50613-LEJ2-E10    45.25 
  Add to Cart 50650  Super8 150-STAY RR FENDER-50650-LEJ2-M30    29.75 
  Add to Cart 50712  Super8 150-STEP L RR STEP-50712-LEJ2-E10    55 
  Add to Cart 5071A  Super8 150-BAR STEP L ASSY-5071B-LEJ2-E10    34 
  Add to Cart 5071A  Super8 150-BAR STEP R ASSY-5071A-LEJ2-E10    34 
  Add to Cart 90106-GFY6  Super8 150-BOLT FLANGE 10*55-90106-GFY6-901    7.5 
  Add to Cart 90106-KFAF  Super8 150-BOLT SPECIAL 8MM-90106-KFAF-900    2.25 
  Add to Cart 90106-KUDU  Super8 150-BOLT SPECIAL 8*26**KUDU-9000-90106-KUDU-900   
  Add to Cart 90107  Super8 150-BOLT FLANGE 10*188**KUDU-9000-90107-KUDU-900    8.25 
  Add to Cart 90121  Super8 150-COLOR DISTANCE-90121-GFY6-C00    9.25 
  Add to Cart 90304  Super8 150-NUT U 10MM(C)-90304-GHE8-C00    7.5 
  Add to Cart 93404  Super8 150-BOLT WASH 6*12-93404-06012-07    1.75 
  Add to Cart 94050  Super8 150-NUT FLANGE 6MM-94050-06080    1.25 
  Add to Cart 96001  Super8 150-BOLT FLANGE SH 6*32-96001-06032-18    1.25