Parts Drawing

Super8 150 Emblem Stripe    

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  Diag Ref No Products Name Req No Price
  Add to Cart 86101  Super8 150-STRIPE FR COVER-86101-LEJ2-E00    2.25 
  Add to Cart 86102  Super8 150-STRIPE K LOGO 22MM-86102-LEJ2-E00    3.25 
  Add to Cart 86221  Super8 150-STRIPE R BODY COVER -86221-LEJ2-E00    16.25 
  Add to Cart 86231  Super8 150-STRIPE L BODY COVER -86231-LEJ2-E00    16.25 
  Add to Cart 87505  Super8 150-LABEL TIRE-87505-LEJ2-E01    4.25 
  Add to Cart 87541-GR1  Super8 150-CAUTION SIDE STAND-87541-GR1-E00    2.75 
  Add to Cart 87543  Super8 150-LABEL FUEL FILL CAUTION-87543-KED9-M30    3.5