Parts Drawing

Mongoose 90 Carburetor    

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  Diag Ref No Products Name Req No Price
  Add to Cart 1010-43FH-9900  Mongoose 90-NEEDLE JET D19KT-003-0600-1010-43FH-9900    20.5 
  Add to Cart 1011-GB1H-9010  Mongoose 90-NEEDLE JET HOLDER-1011-GB1H-9010    19.75 
  Add to Cart 1014-KG8H-9010  Mongoose 90-SCREW ADJUST-1014-KG8H-9010   
  Add to Cart 1024-9QBH-9900  Mongoose 90-JET NEEDLE-1024-9QBH-9900    42.75 
  Add to Cart 1031-KG8H-9010  Mongoose 90-TOP GASKET-1031-KG8H-9010    5.5 
  Add to Cart 1034-861-2000  Mongoose 90-STOP SCREW-1034-861-2000    5.5 
  Add to Cart 1051-GBGH-9600  Mongoose 90-FLOAT CHAMBER GASKET-1051-GBGH-9600    12 
  Add to Cart 105B-034H-9910  Mongoose 90-FLOAT COMP-105B-034H-9910    41.5 
  Add to Cart 1300-416H-9900  Mongoose 90-SPG COMPR-1300-416H-9900   
  Add to Cart 1300-847H-9900  Mongoose 90-SPG COMPR-1300-847H-9900   
  Add to Cart 1300-KG8H-Q010  Mongoose 90-COMPR SPG-1300-KG8H-Q010   
  Add to Cart 16076-ND5-0040  Mongoose 90-O-RING **D19KT-012-1500 C-16076-ND5-0040   
  Add to Cart 1610K  Mongoose 90-CARBURETOR ASSY-1610K-PVA2-810    149.5 
  Add to Cart 16114-KG8-9010-M1  Mongoose 90-NEEDLE CLIP PLATE-16114-KG8-9010-M1    5.5 
  Add to Cart 16115-KG8-9010-M1  Mongoose 90-BAR CLIP-16115-KG8-9010-M1    2.75 
  Add to Cart 16152-KG8-9010-M1  Mongoose 90-ARM PIN-16152-KG8-9010-M1    2.75 
  Add to Cart 16155-KG8-9010-M1  Mongoose 90-FLOAT VALVE COMP-16155-KG8-9010-M1    41.5 
  Add to Cart 16162-KG8-9010-M1  Mongoose 90-DRAIN SCREW PAN-16162-KG8-9010-M1    6.25 
  Add to Cart 93892-04008-18  Mongoose 90-SCREW WASH 4*8 **D19KT-005-1900-93892-04008-18    0.75 
  Add to Cart 93892-04014-18  Mongoose 90-SCREW WASHER-93892-04014-18   
  Add to Cart 93892-05010-18  Mongoose 90-SCREW WASHER-93892-05010-18    1.25 
  Add to Cart 99101-116-0780  Mongoose 90-MAIN JET #78 **D19KT-033-1000-99101-116-0780    11.5 
  Add to Cart S785-0820  Mongoose 90-TUBE SET-S785-0820    8.25 
  Add to Cart W9119-03550  Mongoose 90-SCREW PAN-W9119-03550    6.25 
  Add to Cart W9526-40000  Mongoose 90-CLIP-W9526-40000    4.25 
  Add to Cart W9531-24250  Mongoose 90-O-RING-W9531-24250   
  Add to Cart W9535-25000  Mongoose 90-TUBE CLIP-W9535-45000    1.25