Parts Drawing

Mongoose 90 Stem Steering    

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  Diag Ref No Products Name Req No Price
  Add to Cart 53200  Mongoose 90-STEM COMP STEERING-53200-LBD4-900    40 
  Add to Cart 53251  Mongoose 90-HOLDER STEM STRG-53251-LBD4-900    7.5 
  Add to Cart 53254  Mongoose 90-SLEEVE STEM-53254-LBD4-900   
  Add to Cart 53700  Mongoose 90-ROD ASSY R STRG-53700-LEG1-800    52.75 
  Add to Cart 53701  Mongoose 90-ROD COMP STEERING-53701-PVA2-900    35.25 
  Add to Cart 53702  Mongoose 90-JOINT R BALL-53702-LEG1-800    19 
  Add to Cart 53703  Mongoose 90-JOINT L BALL-53802-LEG1-800    18.75 
  Add to Cart 53800  Mongoose 90-ROD ASSY L STRG-53800-LEG1-800    52.75 
  Add to Cart 90304  Mongoose 90-NUT U FLANGE 10MM **(0)-90304-LBD4-900    3.5 
  Add to Cart 90305  Mongoose 90-NUT U FLANGE 16MM-90305-MAA1-004-SY    9.5 
  Add to Cart 94001-LLB1-800  Mongoose 90-NUT HEX 10MM **(0) C.2005.10.31-94001-LLB1-800   
  Add to Cart 94001-LLB1-900  Mongoose 90-NUT HEX LH 10MM **(0) C.2005.04.01-94001-LLB1-900   
  Add to Cart 94201-25200  Mongoose 90-PIN SPLIT 2.5*20-94201-25200   
  Add to Cart 94201-30250  Mongoose 90-PIN SPLIT 3.0*25 **30251 C.2006.03.03-94201-30250    0.75 
  Add to Cart 95701  Mongoose 90-BOLT FLANGE 8*60-95701-08060-08    6.5