Parts Drawing

Mongoose 90 Wire Harness    

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  Diag Ref No Products Name Req No Price
  Add to Cart 30400  Mongoose 90-CDI ASSY & SPEED CONTROL-30400-KHC4-900    95.5 
  Add to Cart 3051A  Mongoose 90-COIL ASSY IGN-3051A-LBD4-900    37.5 
  Add to Cart 30700  Mongoose 90-CAPASS'YNOISESUPPRESOR-30700-GFY6-901    17.5 
  Add to Cart 31600  Mongoose 90-REG REC COMP-31600-LBD4-900    31.75 
  Add to Cart 32100  Mongoose 90-HARNESS WIRE-32100-LBD4-800    80.5 
  Add to Cart 32101  Mongoose 90-SUB CORD-32101-LLB1-800   
  Add to Cart 35010  Mongoose 90-KEY SET-35010-LBA7-910    53.5 
  Add to Cart 35111-LLB1-325  Mongoose 90-KEY COMP-35111-LLB1-335-M2    17 
  Add to Cart 35111-LLB1-326  Mongoose 90-KEY COMP-35111-LLB1-336-M2    17 
  Add to Cart 35400  Mongoose 90-RESISTOR COMP-35400-LBD4-800    22 
  Add to Cart 38500  Mongoose 90-RELAY ASSY START-38500-KKDK-900    44 
  Add to Cart 90112  Mongoose 90-BOLT FLANGE 5*22-90112-KRDR-900    3.5 
  Add to Cart 90656  Mongoose 90-BAND OIL HANDLE **9000 C.2005.03.01-90656-KCBC-900   
  Add to Cart 98200  Mongoose 90-FUSE A7-98200-10700