Parts Drawing

Yager GT 200i Air Cleaner Two    

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  Diag Ref No Products Name Req No Price
  Add to Cart 17369  Yager GT 200i - CLIP BREATHER TUBE - 17369-KDB4-671    4.25 
  Add to Cart 18618  Yager GT 200i - RUBBER AI CLEANER MOUNT - 18618-KHD6-900    5.25 
  Add to Cart 18656  Yager GT 200i - DUCT AICV REED VALVE - 18656-LEA5-E00    16.25 
  Add to Cart 18657  Yager GT 200i - TUBE ASSY AICV-INLET PIPE - 18657-KHB4-900    9.25 
  Add to Cart 1867A  Yager GT 200i - DUCT AIR AICV - 1867A-LED9-900    18.25 
  Add to Cart 1880A-KHB4-91A  Yager GT 200i - AI/C-AICV ASSY - 1880A-KHB4-91A    51.5 
  Add to Cart 1880A-KHB4-91B  Yager GT 200i - ASSY AIC-AICV - 1880A-KHB4-91B    51.5 
  Add to Cart 95002-02070  Yager GT 200i - CLIP B7 TUBE - 95002-02070    0.75 
  Add to Cart 95002-KKD6  Yager GT 200i - CLAMP D18 TUBE - 95002-KKD6-E05    7.25