Parts Drawing

People GT 200i Head Light    

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  Diag Ref No Products Name Req No Price
  Add to Cart 33100  People GT 200i - LIGHT ASSY HEAD - 33100-LGE5-M30    89.5 
  Add to Cart 33107  People GT 200i - BOLT ADJUST - 33107-LGE5-E00    9.5 
  Add to Cart 33120  People GT 200i - UNIT HEAD LIGHT - 33120-LGE5-M30    74.5 
  Add to Cart 34901  People GT 200i - BULB HEAD LIGHT/12V60/55W **C.2005.08.17 - 34901-KED9-900    33.75 
  Add to Cart 93903  People GT 200i - SCREW TAPPING 5*12 - 93903-35220